Smoozed multihoster review -> SCAM!

SCAM warning

Smoozed is not paying out my affiliate commisions since 2017. I will not change my rating due to this behaviour. Nevertheless it matches the overall imprssion I got from this service. Affiliate links are now forwarding to Premiumize

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Supported services

Not all supported hosters are officially documented by Smoozed. To get the actual list I used JDownloader which implemented the Smoozed API:

(List from 15.01.2017)

Additionaly, Smoozed offer a VPN service:

smoozed vpn
Poor translation

smoozed limites

Unfortunately Smoozed has strict limits in place. You are not allowed to download more then 50GB every day. For some hosters there are additional limits active. Click on the screenshot to see the full list. The important one are 14GB for Uploaded and 5GB for Rapidgator. In my opinion the limits are to strict if you consider the price. FullHD movies often have about 10GB and if you use Rapidgator you will not be able to download the movie on one day.


One Click Hosters

I used JDownloader for my tests and started with some Share-Online links. All links failed:

Uploaded and Rapidgator worked both well and I had full speed with my 100Mbit/s connection:

In addition to the JD integration, there is a browser plugin available. You can easily choose what should happen if you visit a one click hoster link. If you choose the option „Download“, the download of the file starts immediately. The disadvantage of this Add On is that you can not see which hosters are supported. You have to visit a hoster link before it is visible in the Add On.

Before visiting keep2share
After visiting keep2share


There are two different locations available: Switzerland and France. In the first step I checked the real location with Whois and found out that the France location is located in Portugal.

The so called „french“ server has extreme slow speeds. It was nearly unusable. The Swiss one performed a bit better but was also slow compared to my 100Mbit/s connection.

I could not see the advantage of this VPN: you are not anonym because Smoozed is logging your IP and your online activity. You can also not use it if you want to bypass geo restricted websites.


This is a mess:

Data saved, logged and processed in transactions with smoozed […] include the IP address of the user’s computer that requested access, date and time including the associated file name and the data volume transferred as well as a status message about whether the request/access/call was completed successfully or not. […] the above information is saved for a short period of time. smoozed reserves the right to anonymise the collected data and/or use them for statistical purposes.

Shorten Privacy Policy from the 16.01.2017


The prices are very high: you have to pay 9,95€ for a monthly subscription. This is comparable to an original One Click Hoster account. Keep in mind that there are strict limits in place. In my opinion the price is too high if you consider the limits.






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User Friendly



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