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Zevera Review

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Supported services

Zevera claims that 120 services are supported. The service offers a list with the services and its actual status. Every service seems to be „excellent supported“.



It was not easy to perform a speedtest: I tried to use Share-Online for this purpose but I was not able to download any file with it. Instead of a file I got the message that the traffic of this Hoster is finished.zevera I checked the status of Share-Online and it was marked as working the hoster overview.



The next try was with uploaded: I added some links to the JDownloader and tried to download the files. But this also failed: Most of the downloads stuck in the status „starting“. I tried to download the same links in the browser but this also failed. I checked the logs of JD and discovered that there are many timeouts and JD automatically retries the download several times. Some files could be downloaded as you can see in the screenshot.

I gave uploaded a second try and this time most of the files were downloading but there are still some files stuck at the status „Starting“. I also could not use my whole bandwidth (100Mbit/s) due to the already mentioned timeout. The used bandwidth varied a lot. You also have to wait a long time until all files are started and downloaded successfully.


The only service which worked flawless was Rapidgator. Alle downloads started immediately and with full speed. My internet connection was pushed to its limits.


I had the suspicion that Zevera is downloading the files to its own servers before I can download it. This would explain the long waiting times before a download starts. To test this out I uploaded an own file to uploaded.net and tried to download it with Zevera in the Browser. After more than a minute I got the message that there is a problem with the Uploaded Account. Due to this error I could not verify if the service is caching the files. I retried the Uploaded link some minutes later and got a connection timeout in my browser. This could be the same issue which JDownloader faces.


Support & Chrome Addon

I tried to use the Chrome Addon offered by Zevera. I could activate it and I was also able to log in to my account. I visited a sharehoster link but nothing happend. The explanation of the support was that the plugin is outdated:

“The chrome add-on is currently very outdated so we cannot guarantee that it will work.”

The problem with Share-Online was anwsered like this:

Share-online is both very limited and very unstable so its availability is extremely limited, if you can find alternative links for the files you need from this hoster it will be helpful to you, generally speaking all limited hosters are problematic on different levels.

Do you remember the so claimed „excellent support“ for this hoster? That a scam…

Privacy Policy

All activities of the users are monitored and stored by the service. This also includes the IP of the users. This is bad behavior for a multihoster.


The prices for Zevera are too high for the offered service:

Competitors like Premiumize or Premium.to offer a more reliable service and better prices.














  • Rapidgator


  • Unreliable
  • Share-Online
  • Uploaded
  • Price
  • misleading information

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