Warranty Void – BQ Aquaris M5 battery issue [Update]


There are some reports about failing BQ Aquaris M5 batteries in the web. I had the same experience with my own device and another device in my household.

The phone shuts off at a percentage between 30 – 80% battery loading.

BQ states that the battery is excluded from the warranty.


[…] Normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear on camera lenses, batteries or screens).


Here are the problems starting.

Buying an original battery

I thought that I had no chance to resend the phone, so I changed the battery and bought a new one at empetel. To make it short: This is no solution. I ordered two batteries, the first had the same problems as I had before with my battery so I got a new one which is working. The second also failed and the replacement they send has only about 25% of its designed capacity.

BQ refused to sell me its original batteries! What a shame…

Send the phone back to BQ

This was no option for me because I already “manipulated” the phone. If you do this you will likely get another phone back.

Buying a china replacement battery

This is the option which I will now choose. You can get cheap batteries at Aliexpress. I do not trust them to be good but I have no other choice at the moment. There are several regional battery sellers (e.g. Akku King) which also offer this battery.

BQs responsibility?

This is obviously a serial problem with the BQ Aquaris M5. At the moment there is no good option for me and for many others which deal with this problem.

  • BQ refuses to sell original spare parts
    • Users have to buy dangerous spare parts from china
  • Replacement by BQ
    • I do not want a new phone
    • consumers have to make sure to delete and backup all private data stored in the phone
    • Only possible if your are in the warranty period
  • Refusing warranty
    • BQ knows about this battery problem and still refuses the warranty because I tried to fix it on my own. I would already be happy if they would sell me a new battery

How it should work

If there is a known issue with BQ Aquaris M5 batteries, BQ could be way more accommodating to its users.

  • Selling batteries to its users would be an option
  • Sending “free” batteries to its users which have this problem and are still under warranty
  • Fixing or replacing the phone for users who already opened up the phone

[Update 03.02.207] Tutorial to replace the battery

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.

The battery used in the Video can be bought at Amazon from Akku King.

BQ M5 Battery









  • No original replacement
  • Warranty void?
  • No good solution

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