SFTP / FTP / SSH Backup storage provider list

Compare SFTP backup storage providers

This posting contains affiliate links for SFTP backup storage providers

This list contains providers with standard protocols (sftp / webdav) for you backup application.

SFTP Provider List FAQ

Why this list?

There are already VPS compare tables in the internet but not with a focus on backup storage. An interesting one is this one: LowEndStorage.win

You only want to earn money with this list!!!

True 🙂 Some providers offer an affiliate program and if you use the link in this list I can get a part of your purchase. Nevertheless I also add providers like Hetzner which do not offer an affiliate program.

Which criteria must a provider met to get on this list?

I only list plans with at least 1TB storage. Provider must support WebDav or SFTP. SMB is optional. Monthly price must be below 20€.
If you know a missing provider please get in touch with me: storage[~at+]usefulvid.com

What about traffic limits?

Traffic limits are not mentioned in the list but most providers apply monthly traffic limits. For private use they don’t really matter. Check the limits before you enter an agreement.

Are my backups protected at provider xy?

Encrypt your backup before you send it to the „Cloud“ and you don’t have to worry about a providers privacy policy.

Which backup programs are compatible?

Check this compare table for backup programs. You can just check for webdav and sftp compatibility.

What does VPS means?

It stands for Virtual Private Server. If you want to use webdav or smb you have to configure it via SSH (secure shell). SFTP should work out of the box. It is more complicated compared to a non-VPS plan but also more flexible. Only consider a VPS if you know what you are doing 😉

Why are webhosting plans in the list?

They offer storage and sftp access. All you need for your backup. Nevertheless its not sure if certificate login is working. Be aware that some hosters have a so called „fair use“ policy in place in order to avoid abusive use of the webhosting service. It is a bit risky to use a webhosting platform as backup provider. It’s up to you 🙂

Cheap SFTP backup storage

This list contains FTP backup storage providers which are meant for private use, therefore I only list providers with a maximum monthly price of 20€ per month. You can sort the list to get an idea of the cheapest provider. To make comparing easier I only list plans with at least 1TB. You can check out the provider for other plans. If you think I missed something in this list, please let me know in the comments!

Security and Privacy

SFTP stands for Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol. You can authenticate against your backup storage by using SSH certificates. This mechanism will avoid username and password login and makes the authentication secure. If you backup your files to the cloud you should consider encrypting the data before sending it. Every serious backup application supports encryption. You are responsible for a save backup, not the FTP storage provider.

Speed and reliability

For my personal private backup this does not really play a role: My ISP upload speed is 50Mbit/s – a value every server should reach without any problems. Then it comes to reliability things may look different: If I miss one of my daily backups its not that serious but it can become serious in case you need to restore your files. Some providers offer snapshots which is the backup of the backup. It is up to you to decide how important your data is for you.

Recommended VPS List


Backup applications

Backup software comparison list

I personally use Duplicacy for a backup to my SFTP storage.

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