Backup software comparison table with reviews

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Backup software compare table

The following table gives an overview about the capabilities of backup software available in the internet. The list is not complete and only reflects my experiences with this software and my personal opinion. The linked youtube videos are in german.

My first intention was to check free backup software but most of it was not working as intended as you can see in the list.


The minimum requirement for a backup tool is its proper backup capability and the files versioning. Also the restore should work flawlessly.

What is Versioning?

Versioning makes sure that you can restore files which you deleted or altered by accident in the source file system. Several versions of one file will be kept if the file has been changed over time. A good user interface will present you a good overview about all available versions in your backup.

Why should I encrypt my backup?

You may loose your hard drive on which all your private data is stored. In this case the encryption will protect you. Even if you erase you unencrypted data, it is easily possible to restore it (think of selling your HDD). Only a backup software which supports encryption can make sure that only legitimate access to the data is performed.

Error handling

The software should be able to detect a faulty backup and at the same time inform you about the issue. In case of a missing USB drive it should remind you to plug the device in and start the backup without interaction needed by the user.

Easy restore

It should be possible to get an overview about all backuped data and an easy way to restore it. The best way would be a restore without the need of propietary software. Some backup software stores the files as encrypted zip archive. In this case you don’t need the original backup to access all your files.

My favourite

Detailed comparison between Duplicati and Duplicacy. A Web GUI für Duplicacy has already be announced is available.

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