Bypass the Persian and Chinese firewall by using AirVPN with SSL

Bypass censorship with a VPN

AirVPN integrates an SSL encryption for OpenVPN in its software client for Windows, Linux and Mac. This software makes it possible to circumvent nearly every censorship and firewall by pretending that there is only an HTTPS (SSL) connection and no VPN connection. This Video has been made while being in an Iranian network environment. This Video is also available on Youtube but this can not be opened in the digital borders of Iran. There is a special link to access AirVPN (minute 1:02) from Iran if is blocked.

Download video file

Feedback from Iran

I have limited resources to test the effectiveness of this method from the EU. If you are located in Iran (or any other country which fights against the usage of VPNs) please provide feedback in the comments or via mail.

Stunnel on Android

Here are the instructions for stunnel and OpenVPN on Android:

Download Video

Same Video on Youtube

AirVPN [Ref]
Some governments (china, iran, uae, russia) try to block VPN connections from within the country borders. This video instructs you how to bypass this kind of censorship on Android devices.

Useful links (Play Store):

If you can not access one of these links use this 7zip archive which contains all 3 apps.

Password: unblockpersia

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