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This article contains affiliate links to GigaRapid. The account used in this test was offered by GigaRapid!

GigaRapid offers a seedbox. But what exactly is a seedbox? A seedbox is a server in a datacenter. As a customer you have access to a certain amount of applications and sometimes also root access to a server. This concept has some major advantages which I like to list here:

Anonymity on torrent networks

P2P networks like the torrent network are based on the concept that every note in the network is exchanging files with every other note. Your IP and your shared files are visible in the torrent network and you are exposed to an industry of lawyers making money with torrent users. The concept of a seedbox prevents this from happening: Only the IP address from the data center is visible in the torrent and not your private IP. This concept is better then using a VPN, as your local VPN installation may leak your IP to the internet.

GigaRapid offers 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections

On private torrent trackers you always should take care of your seeding ratio. To keep it in your favor a seedbox is the ideal tool: It runs 24/7 and can serve files to other torrent users blazing fast. These speeds are barely possible with a landline or cable connection at your home.

Stream without download

One of my favorite advantages is that you can just download files to your seedbox and stream them from anywhere in the internet. This works with FTP: My Mediacenter software Kodi can be connected to my storage on the GigaRapid seedbox by using the FT protocol. You can avoid downloading files locally by connecting your media center to GigaRapid and start streaming them instantly.

Cut power costs

I am running a small NAS with an ARM chip in my home network. I once did a power measurement and it turned out that the monthly power consumption would cost me 4€. Not included in this price are the initial buying costs for the NAS and the hard drives. The energy costs are already included into your monthly seedbox plan.

Background tasks

As your server is running 24/7 you can use it for some background activity like zipping and splitting large files. Your local PCs performance is not decreased while this background task is running on your seedbox.

one click apps on GigaRapid

GigaRapid review

GigaRapid offers more then 70 one click apps like JDownloader 2, sabnzbd and ruTorrent. This variety of apps makes it possible to collect files from various sources like the torrent network, the usenet and from one click hosters.

All installations I tested worked like a charm. Besides these apps, you can get SSH access to an ubuntu server which lets you install whatever you want to on this machine. This feature is already included in the cheapest plan!

My iperf speedtest revealed that more then 8Gbit/s are possible on the 10Gbit/s seedbox plan – which I owned during my test period.

iperf speedtest

The only critics I can mention here are the buggy clipboard exchange with the VNC server applications and the missing WinRar support in the zoom fileuploader. The WinRAR support has already been added after asking the support.

GigaRapid Pricing

You can choose between 10Gbps and 1Gbps plans. IMHO the prices are calculated very fair: You get 700GiB for 6.45€ per month with a 1Gbps plan. Keep in mind that all plans include a VPS (virtual private server) with SSH access.

GigaRapid Video review

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GigaRapid support

Support is available via a ticket system, a FAQ is available and you can also join the GigaRapid Discord server. It is also possible to contact the support on reddit.












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  • 70 Apps
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  • VNC clipboard

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