Review: Seedbox at (Video)

Seedhost offers a classical seedbox with access to the RuTorrent Webinterface. You can add new torrents by a monitored folder, by RSS, by IRC (autodl-irssi), by manual uploading the torrent file or by using a browser plugin.


Seedhost offers a large variety of additional features:

  • šSabnzbd
  • šRapidleech
  • Pyload
  • šBitTorrent Sync (now called Resilio Sync)
  • šTransmission
  • šDeluge
  • šRuTorrent + rTorrent
    • šAutodl-Irssi
  • šMaketorrent
  • šSubsonic
  • šZNC
  • šMadsonic
  • šPydio
  • šSickbeard
  • šSickrage
  • šSquid proxy server
  • šProFTPD server
  • Couchpotato
  • NZBGet
  • Headphones
  • Syncthing
  • Plex
  • Jackett
  • Sonarr
  • Radarr
  • Mylar
  • Lounge
  • Shout
  • Watcher
  • PlexPy
  • Plex
  • Requestsnet

The bold ones have been tested for this review. Rapidleech and Pyload are meant for OCH downloads but didn’t worked well and they looked outdated. I was not able to add my Premiumize account to both plugins.

File Access

As soon as the files are downloaded via one of the plugins (RuTorrent, Sabnzbd, …) you can easily access them via an encrypted FTPS or SFTP connection:

FTP is supported by a lot of operating systems and applications and therefore a convenient way to transfer and access the files. You can also add the URL to Kodi and stream the downloaded contents from your seedbox.


The Privacy Policy does not provide much information about the handling of the user data like the IP address. Therefore I addressed some questions to the seedhost support:

  • You are located in a EU country but I couldn’t find the GDPR policy. Can you comment on this?
    • GDPR is regulation not policy and you have created an account with fake details.
  • Do you store logs of any kind while using a seedbox? Can you identify a user which HAS downloaded a certain torrent with your logs?
    • Yes we can.
  • While using the website, are there any logs stored?
    • Yes we do.
  • How do you handle DMCA notices?
    • If we receive any abuse notice, it will be forwarded to you and you will need to proceed with it.
    • did this ever happen?
    • No answer

You can create your account with fake details and pay with crypto currencies. Nevertheless your IP address is known to seedhost and it does not look promising that the provider failed to comply with GDPR.


The technical support was excellent. I always got fast answers and all my problems could be solved by the support team in a short time period.

Nevertheless I got no answer to my question concerning the quantity of DMCA take down notices which have been forwarded to customers.


Shared Seedboxes

The pricing looks very fair compared to the competitors. The upload traffic is limited, the download traffic is not limited. The connection speed for the shared seedboxes is 10Gbps.

Most of the time the SB mini offer was not available. I used SB8 for this review.


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  • technical support
  • limits


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4 Kommentare zu „Review: Seedbox at (Video)“

  1. Sind Seedboxen eine Alternative zum Usenet. Das deutschsprachige Usenet wird immer kleiner und ich suche so langsam eine Alternative um an meine Inhalte zu kommen.
    Kannst du mir vielleicht hierzu einen Tipp geben?
    Damit würdest du mir sehr helfen.
    Danke schon einmal vorab.

    Grüße Mappe2

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