QNAP Firmware recall / revoke overview

QNAP communication


QNAP had no luck this year with its firmware releases. Until now, 10 firmwares have been released this year, 6 7 have been vanished from the download center without further notice. This is no good communication towards QNAP customers. Therefore I will try to collect and list the recalled firmwares which I can find out. If I missed something please let me know in the comments. I will try to correct it as soon as possible.
The reasons for a firmware recall are not published by QNAP. I can only guess and do some research on the internet to get an idea which problems are connected to which firmware.

ARM Annapurna Labs

I maintain 4 QNAP devices from the ARM Annapurna Labs series:

2x TS-231P (one of it is provided by QNAP)
1x TS-431+
1x TS-231+

The critics mentioned here do only concern this series. It looks like that the Intel devices are not affected by the technical problems described here.

Recalled firmware overview


monthQTS versionlikely causesource
March4.3.4.0516files vanishQNAP Club
April4.3.4.0537files and folders vanish
May4.3.4.0569memory leakQNAP Forum
May4.3.4.0588Logon problems with FirefoxQNAP Club Forum
May4.3.4.0593Logon problems still not solvedQNAP Club Forum
August4.3.4.0675fan control
shutdown not possible
bleeper issue (?)
QNAP Club Forum
November4.3.6.0776???QNAP Club Forum

Known issues for released firmware

The firmware which is still online has also serious problems. I will try to keep track of it every time a new release appears on the QNAP website.

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