Duplicacy 2 vs. Duplicati 2 (video)

Cloud Backup

Using a remote storage for backups is a good idea. In case of fire or other catastrophes, your data is still save at the remote storage. If you are looking for a backup software which saves your files on a remote storage you will soon come to duplicacy and duplicati. Both products meet the following basic requirements: » Weiterlesen

[Mediacenter] Kodi with OSMC would be perfect if…

Kodi with OSMC would be perfect if…

  • Tags for pictures could be shown in the slideshow
  • Pictues could be zoomed with Yatse
  • Filepaths in the music library could be shown
  • Sound output on HDMI and on an USB soundcard is possible
  • Kodi would ignore “extended” MP3 tags

This list is dynamic; if you have a solution for me or other ideas I will add them. Please comment.